Tuesday, January 28, 2014

apparently I have a "race" schedule

In the process of healing I have found my inner thoughts going from "Oh it will be awhile till I can do XYZ" to "Heck yea, let's sign up for that!"

I'm not sure when the switch happened but it has.  This pretty much sums up my inner thoughts for some time:

I am ready to believe what others have been telling me for so long.  I AM healing. I AM stronger than before the accidents.  I WILL get my life back.

To cement this new way of thinking I signed up for the Shamrock 8K run in March.  A nice almost 5 mile run seems like a good jumping off point don't you think?  Add to that a dualthlon at the end of March and then the STP in one day and I'd say for a "coming-back-from-two-injuries-type-of-person" that is a decent schedule.

Happy Training!!!

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  1. Great news, Marnie! I, too, signed up for the 8k and am thinking about running again. Which means I've already gone out and done 3 miles, it was very hard, and I'm trying to pretend like I still feel like a real runner instead of a poser. If you want to run together to get back in the swing of things, I'm totally up for that. I know we'd tried to coordinate schedules at one point, but I don't remember what works for you. I'm pretty flexible. In terms of schedule--not at all in terms of muscle limberness :)


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